Linux on SunPCi-II Mini-HOWTO

Richard van den Berg

v1.6, Aug 27, 2004

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The purpose of this Mini-Howto is to explain how to boot and use Linux on the SunPCi-II Intel Coprocessor Card available for Sun SPARC machines.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright
1.1. Thanks
2. Preface
2.1. General Overview
3. Creating the SunPCi root directory
3.1. Making a root directory availabe to the SunPCi card
3.2. Creating the directory tree offline
3.3. Creating the directory tree by booting Linux first
3.4. Preparing your system for the first NFS boot
4. Booting the SunPCi card with an NFS-Root
4.1. Using the nfsroot and ip kernel command line options
4.2. Completing the installion
4.3. Automating the boot process
4.4. Booting SunPCi from a non-X terminal
5. Using XFree86 on an external VGA monitor

1. Copyright

(c) 2001-2003 Richard van den Berg ()

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1.1. Thanks

I would like to express my thanks to the author of the NFS-Root-Client Mini-Howto , Ofer Maor (). His Mini-Howto helped me with the first steps in creating a NFS Root Mounted client. Coincidently, his Howto HTML pages also served as the bases for this Howto HTML collection.

Thanks to Jurij Rosenthal () for his suggestion to mention the OpenDOS F: drive.

Ulli Wölfel () wrote chapter 5 about how to use XFree86 with an external VGA monitor. Many thanks!