I received my education from the Delft Technical University at the faculty of Electrical Engineering . I graduated in 1997, making me a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE).

Every since that time I have been working on various internet related projects. Programming in various Unix shells, perl and C. When I graduated it seemed only logical to persue an internet related career. I ended up as a network administrator, routers, switches, firewalls, you know the deal. Working at various large telecom operators I learned the ins and outs of TCP/IP. I also picked up the love for Unix systems there. I had always liked them, but dealing with networks really showed how inadequate Windows really is. Moving on, I decided to join Sun Microsystems as a consultant to participate in the building of ISPs for their customers. During these projects my view on security broadend from implementing firewalls and hardening systems to a more general scope. I passed my CISSP examn and left the company to be an independent Security Consultant.