HTML Source Code Explorer Bar 2.0

For a while I have been looking for an easy way to manipulate HTML fill-out forms. Especially POST forms or forms controlled by JavaScript are difficult to tweak. Luckely I stumbled upon the excellent HtmlBar by Bjarke Viksoe. This is an Internet Explorer 5+ Explorer Bar to view HTML source code and other attributes of the sites you are visiting. I quickly looked into the possibilty of added form support to it.

HTML Source Code Explorer Bar 2.0 allows you to view and edit all fields of an HTML form. This includes hidden fields. Changes made to the field values are injected back into the live HTML of the webpage you are viewing. This makes it possible to research the behaviour of the CGI program handling the form. Beware: some CGI programs do not respond well to altered hidden form fields.

This program should run on all Windows versions released after 1995. It was tested on WinMe and XP Pro.

I cannot be held responsible for the results of the use of this tool. It is provided for educational purposes only.


You can download HtmlBar version 2.0 here. Also read the ReadMe file.
After downloading the .msi file, right click on it, and select Install. For de-installation, right click the file and select Uninstall or use Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. When upgrading HtmlBar, you have to remove the old version first. Simply installing a new version will have no effect! You can use the new .msi to uninstall an older verion.
After installation, HtmlBar can be activated in Internet Explorer by selecting View -> Explorer Bar -> HTML Source.


HtmlBar is essentially an Internet Explorer plugin and requires the following to be present on your system: